Leading with Purpose: Reflecting on Our Global Leadership Conference

Each year, leaders from across Milliken come together at our Global Leadership Conference. Designed to align our global team with annual strategic initiatives, GLC—as it’s come to be known—helps set the tone for the year ahead.

Coming off an unprecedented year, our 2021 GLC renewed and reinvigorated company leaders with a virtual conference. The conference, all about leading with purpose, helped drive home our company purpose, values, and vision and emphasized the importance of using our purpose statement to guide business and leadership efforts. 

It also introduced a critical element to achieving our 2025 strategy—defining what a Milliken Global Leader is. 

Thanks to our Milliken Leadership Model, we have a clear picture of who this person is—he or she drives performance and delivers results that yield stakeholder value. Drawing from a strong management foundation and activating growth leadership mindsets, a Milliken Global Leader ignites team performance to pursue our purpose and our values-driven goals. 

Much like the captain’s wheel, which is visually represented in the Milliken Leadership Model framework, Milliken leaders are at the helm of whatever project, initiative, or function they lead. They set a course and make adjustments, and they always rely on the capabilities and skills of their team. We took nearly two years to research and assemble the Milliken Leadership Model to help us clearly define our common leadership language for the short and long terms. In creating this uniting program, we unlock one more tool to achieve our goals while leading with purpose. 

GLC emphasized our why—our purpose and our values as a company—in what we do. To execute our ongoing business strategy, we plan to harness key execution enablers like our leadership model—today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. We look forward to sharing some of our 2021 successes in the months to come.