Four Ways Milliken Innovation Adds Vibrancy to Our World

Color is all around us, sometimes so seamlessly interwoven into daily life that we barely distinguish it as its own attribute. The role of color adds dimension, helps classify or categorize, enables performance or sometimes simply intensifies beauty; yet color is something that adds meaning in any context. 

Milliken innovations help to add vibrancy, through intentional color selection, to our world. From the specialty colorants developed by our chemical division to the trend-forward colorways of our floor covering collections, color is a unique attribute shared by many of the Milliken products you know. 

  • Colorant additives: There are a number of specialty chemical additives help bring color into many aspects of our lives. For example, Creative Colorants,a polymeric colorant, helps make children’s art products – like markers and paints – washable for easy cleanup. A hueing agent, Liquitint™ can make laundry detergent more impactful by making whites brighter, while also encouraging smarter product dosing. Treating SolutionsTM for agricultural seed colorant coatings and polymers can assist in smarter, more productive crop production and management.

  • Floor covering: Ever since the introduction of Millitron® in the 1970s, Milliken has led the way in incorporating color on the floor plane. Wedding high-resolution ink-jet technology with computer-enabled design control, Milliken floor covering solutions incorporates an injection-dyeing process that permeates carpet fibers entirely with color, bringing previously unattained vibrancy, precision and color blending to flooring used in a variety of residential and commercial settings.

  • Interior textiles: Unlocking the power of design, Milliken’s range of specialty textiles find application in residential and commercial upholstry; hospitality, healthcare and office spaces; and drapery for acoustic and performance venues. Materials matter in these textiles, yet visual appeal is not sacrificed in the process. Functionality and style come together to ensure designers can bring their aesthetic vision to life backed by a legacy of textile innovation.

  • Uniforms: Westex® by Milliken and Milliken ResQ develop branded protective textiles that are trusted in their respective fields. Incorporating key characteristics like breathability and comfort, these fabrics help to protect those working in industries like oil and gas, electrical and welding, or who serve others in first responders or military roles. It is important that color selection does not impact protective characteristics, and our fabrics deliver on that need. Offering varying shades to complement company branding or neons to meet industry safety standards, our protective textiles incorporate color as a benefit alongside industry-proven performance.